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my friend have a unbeateble Mega Mewtwo y. I have already a tactic ( delphox trick room and mystical fire) only it isn't good enough what are other ways to defeat a Mega mewtwo y with sp attack 480 ,speed 400 and the moves: ice beam thunderbolt psychic and psystrike?

Bug Buzz Volcarona should do the trick.

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Bisharp is your man.

Mew2slayer (Bisharp)@ Focus Sash
Adamant | Defiant
4 HP / 252 Atk / 252 Spe
- Sucker Punch
- Knock Off
- Iron Head
- Low Kick

Your friend's Mewtwo has all attacking moves. Therefore, a Sucker Punch is gurarunteed unless he switches and guaruntees a KO. Knock Off actually has a chance to KO too if you fear a switch.

252+ Atk Bisharp Knock Off vs. 4 HP / 0 Def Mega Mewtwo Y: 158-188 (86.8 - 103.2%) -- 25% chance to OHKO

If you're afraid he'll predict Sucker Punch and switch Mewtwo out, you could always trap it with a move like Block, Spider Web or Mean Look. Meowstic-M gets both Prankster and Mean Look, ensuring that you trap Mewtwo.

>But when Meowstic switches to Bisharp, the trapping effect wears off.

^ I forgot this. If you're desparate, Bisharp gets Mean Look, and the Focus Sash ensures you get one in.

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But when Meowstic switches to Bisharp, the trapping effect wears off.
Oh that's right…
No, spider web still wears off like all other trapping moves.
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You could use a bug type Like Volcarona Or a Dark type since Physic attacks do nothing to them,Bisharp would be a good one or a Umbreon

Mewtwo has access to Aura Sphere, so a bug type neutral to Fire would be best, since the possibility of Flamethrower exists.
you do realize that a bug type resistant to fire is impossible because bug itself is weak to fire?
Volcarona takes neutral from Fire attacks.
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So there are some good answers here. But I always had a tactic for mega mewtwo Y. Take a Yanmega, modest, Max IVs sp attack and speed. Then Teach it Bug Buzz. It should have the ability Speed Boost. Make it hold Life orb.Send it out on battle and use protect. You will get a speed boost this way. Next turn hit mewtwo with Bug Buzz witch is STAB and life orb boosted. Gg

this takes a lot of effort/luck to get a modest max speed yanmega, but it works.
Actually with the proper Ditto it takes less than an hour.
huh, didn't think of that