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Which one should I use?

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Mega Mewtwo Y is my personal choice cuz of a lot of things, you can decide. It also kinda depends on the nature you have. If you want to run Mega Mewtwo X I highly recommend Adamant, while I would go with Modest for Mega Mewtwo Y.

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Mewtwo X

•Extremely high Attack stat
•Good Defensive stats
•High Speed
•Reliable recovery move

•Shallow physical movepool.

Mewtwo Y

•Extremely high Special Attack
•High HP and very high Special Defense
•High Speed

•Low Defense

I prefer Mewtwo X, but it depends if you need a special or a physical sweeper.

Mega Mewtwo Y is very overrated at the moment, but either way, it might be better because Mega Mewtwo X movepool is abysmal(physical) and his ability is worse, although Y can easilly run a Special set with 154 base Sp.Attack.

However, Mega Mewtwo X is really not that much better than Vanilla Mewtwo (its basically Mewtwo who equip life orb and have higher special defense, the speed does not do jack). Mega Mewtwo X have high defense (VERY important) and does not weak to bug, while Y is harder to revenge kill with Special Scarf such as Palkia.

Hope this helps.

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Actually..Mega Mewtwo X has another weakness that makes it inferior to Mega Mewtwo  Y. It can't do anything against ghost types unless it's mixed.