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So lately I haven't had the chance to relax due to my work, and tonight, after what felt like a month, I managed to get some duels done.
I did 18 matches with 16 different people on the PSS.

5 of them had an Alakazam that would mega evolve during the fight.
Now, I know that technically Mewtwo is a legendary, and a really strong one, so using him is kinda cheating, but is there a specific reason as to why people use (mega) Alakazam over Mewtwo?
I mean, it's debatable, but even regular Mewtwo would be a better option in regard of stats, movepool and versatility as opposed to Mega Alakazam, and that's without even considering the *Y mega evolution.*

So what do you guys think?
Could you spare some time to enlighten me about this?


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Ok here's what I know, Mega-Alakazam is actually faster than Mega-Mewtwo Y and also if you look, while M-Mewtwo Y has crazy high SpAtk most his Psychic moves are some form of status. As far as Abilities go, I sorta prefer Trace over Insomnia because it can alert you to Pokemon with multiple good abilities and sometimes give away a Pokemon's EV's and set via the ability. Alakazam also gets some good Egg moves. Alakazam also gets Bug, Fighting, Dark, Ghost, Dream Eater, AND Fairy moves. Alakazam is a bit better in my opinion.

EDIT: M-Mewtwo Y is in Ubers while M-Alakazam is in BL making it useable in OU tiers. Also, like you said Mewtwo is a legend, and rumors about the fact that M-Mewtwo may get banned (Ridiculous speed and special attack.)

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This isn't applied to tiered play, it's for the PSS, and thus there are no banned Pokémon. It is generally frowned upon to use cover Legendaries (Ho-Oh, Palkia, Dialga), event Legends (Keldeo, Genesect, Darkrai) or more than one "other" Legendary (Moltres, Zapdos, Suicune, Azelf), because people get it into their heads that being a Legendary automatically makes them overpowered (Meleoetta lol).
Then you 1-up me and say something better to ruin my day.
Waddaya mean? That's not my upvote. And how would "saying something better" ruin your day? I'm sorry if I offended you, but I did need to point out that your point about Mewtwo Y being Ubers and Mega Alakazam being BL was irrelevant. Sorry if I accidentally put you down :\
Don't worry kitty cat, I upvoted your answer as a thank you for spending your time to give your opinion on my question.

If I may tho, I would suggest you paraphrase your answers better in the future, using more commas, dots and maybe starting a sentence from the next line downward.

The answer you provided shows excellent points as to why Alakazam is a valuable choice against Mewtwo, so don't worry about it.
You did great PikaPi, thanks for helping!