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Seems this two has the same stat, and also has a high speed and special attack for a special sweeper, so it’s super though to decide about it, so which one is a better one for a special sweeper?

mega gengar can trap
What format/rules are you playing with?

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I agree that Mega Gengar's Shadow Tag is extremely useful, but I feel like Mega Alakazam is better, but there's a caveat - it's insanely powerful with paired with Tapu Lele or any other Pokemon with Psychic Terrain. Terrain boosted Psychic is one of the strongest moves capable of OHKOing any neutral, non bulky Pokemon. Not only that, Psychic Terrain renders priority moves (one of the banes of M-Alakazam) completely useless. Further, M-Alakazam also has access to Recover, which Gengar lacks.

And Trace is great in some situations, tracing an opposing Swampert's Swift Swim in Rain will definitely give you a bigger advantage than having a Mega Gengar in that case.

However Mega Gengar has plenty of viable sets, from all out attacker to Perish Trapper to more gimmicky sets with Taunt + Disable, making it better against Eviolite Chansey.

So if you have Terrain support, Mega Alakazam really shines, but if not, Mega Gengar can certainly help you get rid of certain threats your team has trouble against.

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I would say mega gengar.
They definently have similar stats, and gengar has more weaknesses, but mega gengar has one of the best abilities in the game: shadow tag.
The opponent can’t switch out. If you have a good type matchup against them, you can defeat their Pokémon because they can’t switch out to a better matchup.