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So i am playing in Emerald & i need a special sweeper for my team & psychic pokemon cover most of my team's weaknesses. I was thinking that since Alakazam has a higher special Attack but i'm not sure if i should get Espeon instead. Can someone give me a comparison of the two psychic pokemon?


Correct me if I'm wrong, but I don't think you can get espeon on emerald
Isn't that FRLG?
in Emerald, there is a clock you can set in the beginning of the game

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Go for Alakazam
It has better speed and sp.attack
Also, Espeon has very shallow movepool,
while alakazam can learn all 3punches(via breeding or move tutor)
and in gen 1-3, all 3punches were special attack

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Ok thanks! i'll make an alakazam
In gen1-3, all punches were special attack, since they were determined by the type
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I actually think Espeon is the most strongest. Pick Espeon. Because you know, Espeon can learn a lot of strong moves. Espeon is also a good special sweeper

Most strongest?