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I hear that psyshock is epic on Alakazam but Psychic is just not worth losing on mine to me.

Is it a good idea to teach psyshock or a bad idea.

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Deja vu...it´s PSYCHIC

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As Metal Kevin485 said, it depends on the kind of Alakazam you're using, and I'll tell you this: If you're Alakazam is build as a sweeper, you should use Psyshock since it will surprise Special Walls like Blissey, while Psychic will be a solid STAB for a Support Alakazam (which isn't that useful) to have.

Concluding, unless you're using a Support Alakazam, use Psyshock.

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Well, it depends on what kind of Alakazam you have but if i had to choose yeah Psyshock it better.