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I have no clue which move would be better. You can attack over and over again with Psychic but, Future Sight has more power. I don't know.


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Future Sight may seem good, but it isn't really. In-game it isn't too bad, but in competetive, the opponent can just switch into something like a Dark type, and completely avoid it altogether. Psychic or Psyshock is much better for competetive, but in-game, you might even try both, but more often than not the battle will be over before Futire Sight has even taken effect. Overall, using Future Sight is not advisable.

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Future sight can hit dark types too cause it hits with typeless power. Though that is for gen 2-4. But if you are playing gen 5 onwards then Don't use Future Sight. I know I am commenting after 3 years but its for people seeing after writing this.
Also you can go for a bug,fighting or fairy(if gen 6) move when future sight is going to hit by predicting their dark type to come in.