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i know that psychic haas more damage and has a chance to lower sp.def and physhock can lower sp.def to but ive heard people say that they had they're mewtwo learn physhock and I was confused he said because he felt like it but I don't really trust him

why do people do that?

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Psyshock is one of three attacks of its kind, alongside Psystrike and Secret Sword. These three attacks are all in the 'Special' category, but instead of targeting the opponent's Special Defence, they target its Defence. This lets the user of Psyshock/Psystrike/Secret Sword to act as a pseudo-Mixed attacker. It also lets Pokémon like Gardevoir beat Special walls like Chansey, who would otherwise wall her severely.

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No he didn't…
the word "psystrike" isn't even in the question lol
well i mean he also asked why teach mewtwo psyshock ( assuming he means over psystrike).
"...ive heard people say that they had they're mewtwo learn physhock...".
ok thnx! but ummm then he said his moveset was psyshock protect recover and surf....