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Is Alakazam a better choice or is Chandelure? I want a strong fast sweeper.


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Pros: High S.attack and Speed with a great movepool and a great new ability that helps alot with life orb sets.

Cons: Super fragile and dies from almost any physical attack and less than desirable offensive typing


Pros: insane S.attack and decent bulk, speed with great unique typing,great abilities, and amazing movepool

Cons: a let down speed of 80 that requires baton pass, trick-room+iron ball, or choice scarf

So if a fragile sweeper is what you want Alakazam is majorly awesome. If you have access to baton pass speed boosts Chandulure pwns.

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guard split is also an option for Alakazam. It's a really cheap way to break through walls and even give him some bulk.
Psychic has actually become very useful for offensive typing thanks to the large number of Fighting types.
Awesome thanks i think im going to use Alakazam.
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Quite honestly attacking wise Alakazam would be better because he's got a lot higher speed than Chandelure and to get Chandelure's speed up you would have to put a Choice Scarf on it but then you'd be locked into 1 move. Also just see what type of moves your team needs (Fire, Pyschic, Grass, etc.)