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I've been considering only two Mega Evolutions to run in most of my team. After a good test run before breeding for IVs, Gyarados was a easy choice for me. Very good physical attacker, with enough power to topple my biggest threats. But now, making another team, with an Alakazam as a front runner, made me wonder exactly how good it was competitively. By competitively, I strictly mean OU, and rather than just make my own base assumptions, I'd rather asks others to voice their own opinion before making a decision, so:
Is Alakazam a good Mega Evolution to train, as a special attacker?

It really depends on the team. If you want more speed on Alalakazam go Mega.
If you want more power. Life Orb + Magic Guard deals more damage.
MZam is not bad, but in the OU Metagame it just doesn't serve much purpose that normal Zam doesn't do just as well. They have different niches too thanks to normal Zam having Magic Guard, meaning there are different uses. It matters more about which suits your team better. We can't really help too much, it'd be better if you went out and found out for yourself. Experience is the best teacher.

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First, let's talk about the ability it gets upon mega. Trace is an interesting ability that can prove useful under certain circumstances. For example, you can trace an opposing thundurus' volt absorb to render an incoming volt switch or thunderbolt ineffective and actually heal you instead. However, cases like this do not always happen and it can be a pretty unreliable ability. Many people prefer regular alakazam because it gets magic guard, which is arguably one of the best abilities. This ability prevents all indirect damage. This means alakazam can be switched in upon moves such as toxic, leech seed, and entry hazards without any negative consequences. keep in mind, you get all this without the use for a mega slot. Furthermore, magic guard prevents alakazam from taking life orb damage, you you get the boost without any of the recoil. Basically, regular alakazam has way more usefulness than making it mega. Hope you enjoyed!

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