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I just caught a Modest Mewtwo! But I got the Mewtwonite X. Should I keep Modest or try for a different nature, like the neutral ones (Hardy, Docile, Bashful, Quirky, or Serious)?
EDIT: Holy crap its Special Attack is more than 100 higher than its Attack... Should I keep it?

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Mewtwo X has a higher attack stat, and while Modest would be ok, because of it's highly decent SAtk, I would say try for a different nature, because you really want to be able to abuse that attack stat. You can settle for a neutral nature but I would go for an attack boosting nature. One like Lonely or Naughty would be just fine.

Or if you know someone with the Mewtwonite Y then keep Modest Mewtwo because it would make an incredible Mega Mewtwo Y

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Well, I know somebody, but I don't think they would want to trade Mega Stones (or if they would be nice enough).
Then just trade the Mewtwo. It really depends on what nature their Mewtwo is but if it's as good for Mega Mewtwo X as yours is for Y then it should be a perfect trade.
Alright, I'm keeping it. Thanks :)