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this are my mewtwo's stats
nature: timid
lvl 100
normal/mega (y)/ Iv's/ ev's
hp: 354 /354 /31 /4
atk: 204 /276 / 2 or 4 /0
def:216 /176 /31/0
sp atk: 407 /487 / 31 /252
Sp def:216 /276 /31/0
spe: 389 /411 / 28 /252

moves: aura sphere, psystrike, shadow ball, recover.
should I replace recover for a fire move for bug coverage? like a bug type arceus.

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It's HP doesn't change though from normal to Mega.
fixed hp error.

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Your Mewtwo is very good, to say the least. It has max speed and max sp. a (how'd you even get IVs onto him?). In my opinion, you shouldn't replace Recover. Recover is a great recovery move, it keeps him alive to sweep long enough. Also, to cover the Bug type, you can always use another Pokemon. This Mewtwo will be very hard to counter, I can say that.

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i soft reseted a LOT of times, it defenaitly paid of. i tought this was the best time to stop. and thanks for rating.