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Hi, I just recently beat X and I went to the Pokemon Village to go and find Mewtwo so that I could capture it. I found it and started battling, once it was to about half of its HP, I used an ultra ball but it failed and then I used my surviving Aeigislash's Shadow Sneak and it turned into a critical hit and it made Mewtwo faint...I don't know how to get it back...I could have used my save file but I don't know where I last saved... PLEASE HELP!

I just hope this doesn't happen with Zygard either...

maybe go and beat the champ again?

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No you still have a chance to get it. Beating the Elite 4 again will bring back any legendary that you accidentally fainted. Beat the Pokemon League again and Mewtwo should come back. Save infront of him this time.

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THANK YOU SO MUCH! I'll remind myself to do that! Wow. Just. Wow. THANK YOU!
does this also work for pokemon y?
Thanx so much all the other sites just gave crap answers, i really hope this wprks cause i accidently on purpose saved after i beat mewtwo X-(
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From what I've read you only get one shot at him. I tried googling other answers but like 90% Legendaries, you only get a single shot at them. So I recommend Soft Reset and go from your save point!

Why did you capitalize all your words? It is very bad grammar and makes my head hurt.
Thank you.
Thanks for your help! I really appreciate it but I'm afraid it's way too late -.- Oh well! Thanks anyway!