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Obviously I have Pokemon X, just caught Mewtwo and I want to ask if this one is good enough.

Perfect IVs on:

Should I reset again for one with IVs at least on Hp-Atk-Spd?
or should I keep this one?

An Adamant Mewtwo with 4-perfect IVs, gotten purely by luck (presumably), and you're asking if you should keep it.

This is the competitive side of Pokemon, everybody.
And on the playing for fun side, you either get...
"What're IVs?"
"Legendaries are cheap"
The latter is me.

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Well personally I don't see anything wrong with it. It's 'Good Enough' as you say :P

Since you're playing X, you'll get Mewtwo-X if you try megaevolving, which is the physical variant - so having a perfect attack IV is excellent. Even though it has good special attack anyway, and Adamant takes away from that, it still adds to Attack so it's a decent nature. High speed is always nice, and Special Defense is a bonus. Mewtwo is a sweeper, so defensive stats don't matter as much to it, so you're good with what you have I'd say.

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That would be a good Mewtwo for a Mega-Mewtwo X physical set. However, while Mewtwo does have a really wide physical movepool, I would recommend it run a mixed set because it has invaluable special moves, notably STAB Aura Sphere. I would reset for something like a Naive nature for Mega-Mewtwo X.

It'd also depend on what you want the Mewtwo for, whether to use it w/o a mega stone or to use it as Mega-Mewtwo Y. As it stands, I don't think Adamant Mewtwo is good for anything else other than a physical set with Mewtwonite X.

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