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I'm playing Y

It is Timid, Outstanding. IV's are 31/23,24/18/31/18/31

*Editor's note: The IV spread goes HP/Atk/Def/SpA/SpD/Spe. Therefore, Mewtwo has:
31 HP, 23-24 Atk, 18 Def, 31 SpA, 18 SpD, 31 Spe*

My move set will be (I think):
Aura Sphere
Ice Beam
Shadow Ball

Thanks for taking the time to look, I've been resetting a few days now and I'm wondering if I should be concerned about those Def and SpD IV's. I am willing to keep looking, but this is the best so far.

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I'd say no, due to the 18 in Special Attack.  31 in Health and Speed is good, especially with Timid boosting Speed.
That's probably really lucky, considering you spent a few days resetting for it. I personally would keep it, because you found an awesome nature plus good IVs, if you do want perfect ones though than go ahead and reset. But that's just my opinion.
Pretty sure the Special Attack IV is 31, If it goes HP/Att/Def/Spa/Spd/Spe
The original post must have been in error.  It originally had the 18 in the SpA spot, but has been heavily edited since.
TY Editor for clearing that up, and thanks  to everyone who replied, I did keep it and have been very pleased since!

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The special attack IV isn't too great and you may want to go with a special attack boosting nature. Modest, Mild, or Rash work well. Also maybe replace Ice Beam with something else. Maybe Flamethrower to cover your Bug type weakness. Or I guess if you want to be faster the nature is fine. But the special attack IV isn't very good.

Ice Beam is excellent for defeating dragons ,and bugs are non existent in the current metagame, except for couple.
The Special Attack IV is a perfect 31.
i really dont know lol
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That is a really good Mewtwo! The slightly lower Attack IVs reduce Foul Play damage from Yveltal, and the defensive IVs aren't perfect but still are decent. The perfect Special Attack IV is perfect for your moveset. I would recommend you keep it.

Hope I helped!