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I've been resetting multiple times in order to get a Mewtwo with the Timid nature and good IVs. The last one I caught is timid and has the following IVs:

25 HP / 31 ATK / 31 DEF / 31 S. ATK / 25 S. DEF / 31 SPD

Keep or reset? The perfect IV in attack seems a bit of a waste when it could've gone into HP instead.

On a side note, which mega evolution for Mewtwo is stronger these days? I have X, but I plan to transfer him to ORAS so I can use Y. Should go for a Mewtwo that has a nature suited for X or nah?

in think thats good

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You can continue to search for perfect IV's if you want, but I think those IV's are good. Mewtwo is centered around offense and its offensive stats (Special Attack and Speed) are maxed out. You won't be using it to tank hits so the defensive stats don't matter as much, and they are high enough.

As for the Mega Evolutions, both are very strong. Deciding which one to use depends on the rest of the team. M-Mewtwo X is better on balanced or stall teams because of its better defense, while M-Mewtwo Y is better on offensive teams because of its better offense.

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