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Hey guys. I ran into a Surskit and Roselia once on Pokemon Emerald, although I was unable to catch them because I had just recently started the game at that time. Now that i've finished the game.. i've finished it a while ago but that's not the point, on the Pokemon Emerald Hoenn pokedex Surskit and Roselia come up as unknown locations yet I ran into them. Can someone please explain how this kind of thing happens?

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Very possible. Take Reshiram for example.

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Yes it is possible. Often Pokemon are obtainable in different ways (e.g. gifts or fossils) so they don't show up on the in-game map. In your case if you were walking around in grass they must have appeared due to a swarm.

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thanks, that actually really helps as it happened to me too!
The thing is that i never had a swarm happen, although i was walking in grass. I tried finding the two again but i never could.
i found skitty in pearl with the pokeradar it had an unknown location near sunnyshore