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because i want to fill up my pokedex and i want to find it im sorry i forgot to tell you what game Soulsilver


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In the wild, well, obviously not, but I know how to battle the ones from Kanto in SS that belong to NPC's but not the last Johto or Hoenn or Sinnoh Starters.

Bulbasaur/Ivysaur/Venasaur: Route 28 Ace Trainer (Female near Tohjo Falls)
Charmeleon/Wartortle: Ace on Route 15, I think
Charizard: Champion Lance

If anyone remembers more, comment and I will edit. (No, not you, Bluedevil, since you are the one who doesn't know.)

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how in SS i have 2 i need the other please tell me
I'm not sure sorry I lost my HG 6 months ago
YA UMMM  wheres chikorita and cyndaquil and the other its a water type it looks like an alligator thats the one i need the most ok u lost it im sorry
Not possible to find Totodile without trading or breeding. Sorry, bud. Not in the Wild. I thought you needed to see it in battle.
i need to see it in battle to i have action replay so i can catch it from a trainer to please tell me if you know  PLEASE!!!!!!!!!! IM BEGGING YOU
Like I said, I'm not sure.
Ok, Could someone PLEASE tell this guy where to find a Totodile? >:(
ya please
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No,the pokemon starters you can only get at the beginning of game when you choose from the 3 to get the other 2 you didn't choose you have to trade/breed for them.

i have a hack i have 2 of them in SS i askif you can find it in a battle in the wild
The anwser is still No,you can't battle/find The Starters in the Wild.
what about in SS
It is totally impossible to in the wild find a starter