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Hey guys, I recently got Pokemon y for my birthday and I have almost completed the pokedex. However, I cannot find anyone on the GTS that has keldeo, Genesect, and Meloetta. It makes me sad because they are really cool Pokemon and I would love to battle with them. I also missed the event in 2012 that gave these Pokemon away :( My question is does anyone have any suggestions on how I can get these Pokemon. I have heard you could use an action replay in black 2 to get these guys but I don't have a cheating device. Thanks for the suggestions, it means the world to me! :D

if u do want them I can action replay them
You could also ask for them as being a passerby
That would be amazing midnight and I appreciate the help! My friend code is 5112 3746 4791 and I'm on a lot. Thanks v man, I'll keep that option available as well! I'll be on tonight (EST time zone) if you want to do the trade! :D

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As they're special Pokemon you can't deposit in the GTS so you can't find them there. However, you can use action replay, for XY and obtain them.

Hope I helped:)

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Or use pokemon bank