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If so, what are their levels and Pokemon?


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You can rematch them at the the Pokemon league whose levels are the same.

You can also battles them at the battle chateau

Levels for elite four are 55 without a writ, 60 with a writ of challenge, 65 with a Red writ challenge, and 75 with a black writ challenge.

Wiksttrom: Scizor, Probopass, and Aegislash

Malva: Pyroar, Talonflame, and Chandelure

Drasna: Dragalge, Noivern, and Altaria

Siebold: starmie, Clawitizer, and barbarcle

The champions levels are 60 without a writ, 65 with a writ of challenge, 70 with a red writ challenge, and 80 with a black writ challenge

Diantha: goodra, Hawlucha, Gourgeist and gradevoir

Source http://www.serebii.net/xy/battlechateau.shtml

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Yes, you can battle them again. Their levels and Pokemon are the same as before.