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In gen. 6, Overcoat can negate powder moves. But I don't see Overcoat be listed on Bulbapedia's Mold Breaker, so can Mold Breaker negate it in this generation?


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Good question but I didn't think anyone with Mold Breaker could learn any Powder Moves. So I had to Skill Swap Mold Breaker onto someone who could learn Powder Moves, and the answer:

YES!! :D

See Replay: http://replay.pokemonshowdown.com/ou-139945709

The Scenario- I started off with Excadrill on one side and Deoxys-D the other, I used Skill Swap so Excadrill would have Pressure and Deoxys-D Mold Breaker. I then switched out Excadrill and switched in Mega Venusaur, I then got Deoxys-D to use Skill Swap again so Mega Venusaur would have Mold Breaker and Deoxys-D Thick Fat. I then switched in Mandibuzz and got Mega Venusaur to use Sleep Powder and success it put it to sleep.

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Hmmm. I checked the DB+Bulbapedia and Overcoat wasn't on there :/ I guess my answer is wrong :/
Mega Ampharos can learn Cotton Spore.
@Lord Goomy- Sometimes information on the DB and on Bulbapedia haven't been fully updated, that is unless Smogon's got their game mechanic's wrong. But honestly I'd trust Smogon over Bulbapedia any day of the week when it comes to game mechanics, as they keep well up to date with the mechanic's for competitive play and actually test these things out. :3
@Magicknight94- Great now you tell me xD
Also, is that pokemonshowdown.com official? I don't think a fanmade emulator is a good way to test game mechanic.
@Good Sir Dan- Oh. I see. Thanks anyways. Your answer was good. I up voted it earlier.
Pokemon Showdown is not official, but is made for players without a game, and for players who want to make teams and test them out. (I think)
Thanks Lord Goomy :)

Magicknight like Sceptile said Pokémon Showdown is not official in the fact that it was not developed by Pokémon. Instead it was developed by Zarel who is an Administrator on the Website Smogon. Smogon is a community that specializes in competitive battling. They create tiers and rank a Pokémon in these tiers based on it's usage and how powerful is it, these tiers are designed to make the game more fair for players, as for example it's not very fair when an opponents Darkrai put all your Pokémon to sleep. Smogon and Pokémon Showdown are very technical as they have researched the game mechanics of the Pokémon Games and have adapted that in their battle simulator. They have many forums designed to help players play competitively and even have damage calculators to access the range of how much damage a Pokémon can do to another. They take into consideration entry hazards, weather etc. Smogon is one of the main Pokémon Websites that people use along with Bulbapedia, Serebii and of course the DB. They also collect data from players playing on Showdown and showcase their results to players.