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So here's the problem. I'm way to lazy to look through over 600 Pokemon's egg moves in every single game to see if there was a change to add an egg move in the middle of a generation, but regardless I would like to know if it was done (example; Pokemon cannot learn, lets say, dragon pulse by breeding in Pearl but can learn it in Heartgold).
The reason I am asking is, for one I'm just curios, and more importantly I want to know what the odds are of Treecko getting a better special attacking move pool in Omega Ruby/Alpha Sapphire by breeding, AKA if I should breed for one now or after the release of the games. We already see that Shiftry now knows leafblade as shown in the latest trailer and Shiftry has never been able to learn that move. I know I just brought up a recently announced game but said games aren't really concerning the question in any way, I just wanted to tell you why I'm asking the question in case you were curious.

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Yes, various egg moves were added in HG/SS; for instance, Bulbasaur got Power Whip and Sludge (source, if you care). It's entirely possible more will be added in ORAS, though personally I'd have more hope for the level-up moves to be tweaked than for it to get much new useful stuff by breeding.

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