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I just beat Marlon's gym and recieved the Colress Machine.
Colress gave me such vague explanation on what it does I dont even know if it has any sort of use.


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>The Colress Machine is used to aid in your quest to remove the Crustle from your path, allowing you to go and battle Team Plasma on their ship.

That's its one and only use in the games. Earlier in the plot, Colress (presumably) moves the Crustle on Route 4 with it as well. It'll break after you use it.

Source: Colress Machine

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i was hoping it's like some sort of Pokemon mind control machine... thanks.
It kind of is in a sense? The Crustle listen to it...
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>This item, when given to you by Colress, will allow for you to remove Pokémon from blocking your path.

That's a short gist of what exactly it does.
Source: Serebii
Hope I helped!

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You use it on a crustle to force it to awake

The crustle is in sea side cave