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As per the movedex, Electric Terrain prevents any Pokemon on the field from falling asleep. Does that include the usage of the move Rest by the user of the move (Electric Terrain) ?


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>The terrain does not affect Flying-type Pokémon, those with the Ability Levitate, Pokémon holding an Air Balloon, or Pokémon affected by Magnet Rise or Telekinesis.

>The terrain causes Yawn to fail if used on a grounded Pokémon, and prevents grounded Pokémon already drowsy due to Yawn from falling asleep. Rest will also fail when used by a grounded Pokémon.

So only Pokemon on the ground will fail to use Rest.

Electric Terrain

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So does that mean that when it is used by a levitating pokemon, it will fail to stop the status?
Anything off the ground will be able to fall asleep.
K, thanks!