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Would it fail and losing a Master Ball?
Making damage and losing Master Ball?
Fail and not losing a Master Ball?
Making damage and not losing Master Ball?
Would capture the wild Pokemon?

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it gets flung and lost and sad because its lost and u get sad as well because u flung a master ball!

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As every item is capable of being thrown, the lists are quite extensive so use this table to navigate to see what item corresponds to the power

So, you would fling the Master Ball, deal damage, and then lose it, unless it is a Wi-Fi battle, in which case, you will get it back after the battle.

Source - Serebii's Fling move page

On Serebii, it says it has a Fling Damage of 30, don't know what Fling Damage means but I'm sure it means that it can be Flung.

Source - Serebii's Master Ball ball page

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Fling damage means that it will act as a Dark-type move with a base power of 30.