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I am pretty sure that Nintendo didn't come up with the terms for what we now know as EVs and IVs. So who did, and when?

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This won't be answered in a while
I dunno who did, but I'm quite sure that EVs came along shortly after the first release of pokemon.
I realized in yellow about EVs the second I saw Iron increase my defense stats; definitely someone would have been curious and tried to find out.
In Gen III the realized that the whole system revamped, and then was when I think the modern system of EVs was discovered.
IVs I seriously don't know. Maybe people had an idea of it before Gen III. This might support the fact that these numbers then also determined the shininess of a pokemon, and sites revealing this have been existing before Gen III came out.
Or maybe they found out when they grew curious about this 'Judge' who tells you about IVs, and decided to hack the game to find out.

But this is probably wrong, hence comment and not answer
June 23rd 2007 the word effort value was said for the 69th time jk lol
How are we supposed to have a document of when some people started saying a certain term?
If you do know you're supposed to say so.

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This has been unanswered for a while so ill give it a shot.

Evs or Effort values were introduced in gen 1 but at the time were called stat exp.
They were known to be this until around Generation 3 when they put caps on all the evs the Pokemon could earn. Generation three unleashed new and easier stat mechanics therefore changing the name to evs. It was still complicated at the time but easier than stat exp in gen 1-2.

Ivs were introduced in gen 3 along with the new ev system.

Basically they were commonly used in generation 3

Sources: http://www.psypokes.com/lab/evguide.phphttp://

Hope I helped!

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Good job answering! :)
However, this doesn't exactly answer my question.  I was asking about the terms and when they began to be used, not about when GameFreak made the mechanics for them.  I'll leave the BA up, though, since I don't think anyone else knows the answer. :)
Evs and ivs were made common after the release of effort values and invidual values. Its just an abrieviation soooo. Yeah...
You confuse me, ☆オレンジ★.  Do you not understand my question?  I asked when the terms were created for the mechanics.