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They drop your levels to 1 and there is a limit number of items.
Any Pokémon that can learn a good move at low levels and great stats or a great item that I can use?


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Moves - The proper choice of moves for your Pokemon can really help
you have an easier time in these dungeons. Firstly, moves that hit all
enemy Pokemon in a room, such as Silver Wind, Blizzard, Earth Power,
etc. are very good to have. They are really useful when a lot of
enemies are crowding you in one room, and are also a very good help
against "monster houses," which are otherwise almost impossible to
beat. Given the way that turns work in the Mystery Dungeon series,
moves that boost Speed are really good because they give you two turns
in a row. The best of these moves is Agility, which has great
distribution and not only boosts the user's Speed, but all of the
other Pokemon in your team's Speed as well! Finally, moves that you
can fire off at long range are quite useful because, if your opponent
doesn't carry a long range move itself, it will be unable to attack
back until they are close enough, giving you a free attack or two.
These moves include Flamethrower, Ice Beam, and BubbleBeam.

Items - Good use of items is another thing that can help you beat Zero
Isle. For the dungeons where you are permitted to bring in items,
Reviver Seeds are probably the best item and you should have a
plentiful supply of them, because they revive your Pokemon or
teammates when they faint. You should also have a few Apples or Big
Apples so you can prevent your Pokemon from fainting due to hunger.
Usually, there are quite a few Apples lying around in dungeon floors,
so you don't have to bring too much with you, but it's still a good
idea to bring 2 or 3. Max Elixirs are pretty handy so you can regain
lost PP on your Pokemon and your teammates' moves. Like Apples, you
can usually find a few of these on the floors of Zero Isle.

What to Watch Out For - Monster houses are the main thing that you
have to watch out for. A lot of times, you could be doing very well in
a dungeon when a monster house comes up and you find yourself with no
Reviver Seeds left and a fainted team. In case you are lucky enough to
have never encountered one of these, a monster house can occur at any
time, and it involves a lot of wild Pokemon dropping down from the sky
in a room. The number of Pokemon that drop down is enough to easily
overwhelm any player that isn't ready for it; that's why having moves
that hit all enemies in a room is amazing to have because not only
does it make monster houses easier to deal with, but the number of
Pokemon you KO will give you heaps of experience points. If you find
an item like Foe-Hold Orb, which inflicts all enemies on the floor
with a petrified status, it would probably be a good idea to keep it
just in case you come across a monster house, because it will make the
monster house much more manageable. Kecleon are also another thing
worthy of looking out for, because some Kecleon have very useful items
you can buy off them. I am warning you: do not try and rob the
Kecleon! Trust me, he will KO your whole team. You may also find some
mysterious locked doors in some floors of Zero Isle. If you are lucky
enough to find a Key on the floor it would be a good idea to keep
ahold of it, because they can unlock locked doors for you, revealing
lots of cool items.

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