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What can you do after you beat the main story, completed the Pokedex, defeated each trainer and completed the Looker bureau missions?

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Um, you can do the following:

  • Looker Bureau
  • Battle Maison and Friend Safari
  • Trade for other starter Pokemon in Vaniville town
  • Get the Pokeradar
  • Catch Mewtwo, Zygarde, and the legendary bird trio
  • Get and complete the National Dex
  • Upgrade your Mega Ring in Anistar City
  • Receive a Pancham hat or a Sundae Dress(depending on Gender) In Kiloude City
  • Fill up the Pokedex
  • Trade on the GTS
  • Battle your rival in Kiloude City
  • Breed and train
  • Challenge the League again
  • Get the Shiny charm for completing the National Dex
  • Transfer Pokemon to PokeBank
  • Collect all the Mega stones
  • Get event Pokemon
  • Get Heart scale from Tierno
  • Battle Chateau
  • Go fishing
  • Horde training
  • Wonder trade Magikarp
  • Restaurant's in Lumiose City
  • Get more money
  • Get all the TMs
  • Make trainer videos in Lumiose City
  • Trade with Diantha
  • Grow berries
  • Go shopping
  • Get the Oval charm after completing the Kalos Pokedex

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That's mostly it for Pokemon Y or X[and this has been asked already]
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I did all of these give me more ideas.
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How do you get the pancham hat
You get it in Kiloude. City
You need to wear something "inspiring"