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E.G. You finish the game at level 50-54, but when I went into the Dreamyard everyone had level 60 Pokemon! Is there a different area I'm supposed to start in?

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I changed it to Black 2 assuming that's what you meant, since the Dreamyard is not post game in Black but it is in Black 2.
Further access to the lower areas of the Dreamyard is granted post-game where there are stronger trainers, so he probably means Black.

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You defeated the Pokémon League! Now you are considered almost the best trainer on the game and now for a bigger challenge, Gamefreak makes trainers of the post-game to be stronger than the Pokémon League. If you see, this happens in all games.

In Pokémon Black a great place for train is defeating Audino at Giant Chasm Plains (85 % Walk - Shaking Spots All) with level between 52 - 55. Hold a Exp. Share /Lucky Egg and defeat as much you can.

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So they're 10 levels higher then me just so I can waste time grinding?
You must be prepared for everything.
I remember before the Pokémon League I spend 5 days defeating Audinos.. when I went to the Pokémon League all my pokemons were level 60 or higher!
But is there any particular reason why they want us to spend so much time grinding?