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The sets of moves and the Pokemon that can use those moves.


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Here are some:

  • Encore + Torment: Liepard with Prankster will probably be your best bet here.
  • Trick + Torment: This works while tricking a Choice item into your opponent, and then using Torment. Gothitelle sometimes use this to trap (Shadow Tag) and force Struggle. Then they set up with Calm Mind.
  • Trick + Disable: Cofagrigus and Slowbro/Slowking are good Pokemon that can use this.
  • Encore + Disable: Not many good Pokemon here, the best probably being Mega Gardevoir.

  • Taunt + Trick: Use Trick when an opponent uses a status move, and follow up with Taunt to force struggle. Liepard and Azelf are good Pokemon to use here.

Hope I helped!

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