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I am currently watching the Pokemon X and Y movie with Diancie,and there are several landmarks that remind me of Québec city Quebec Canada,such as Chateau Frontenac,The Apalachian Mtns.,And a similar looking skyline,the Saint Laurence Seaway and river cruises,swell as a major mall that looks very similar,Does anyone here know what city this movie is really based around?

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The film's setting is based in Canada. It's locations include the city of Ottawa, the Rideau Canal, the town of Merrickville, Skydeck Tower, the Thousand Islands of Saint Lawrence River, the city of Toronto, and the town of Niagara-on-the-Lake.

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thanks,I thought its pretty cool,I'm going on a trip in that region soon and recognized some landmarks
Haha, no probs :D Have fun on your trip
oh my gurd finally pokemon did something with canada