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This is my generation III Lv. 50 team.
Any suggestions? Improvements? Replacement Pokemon?

Dusclops - Endurance
Shadow Ball

Glalie - Strong offense
Inner Focus
Ice Beam
Icy Wind

Lanturn - Boltbeamer
Shell Bell
Confuse Ray
Hydro Pump

Chimecho - Heal Beller
Lax Incense
Heal Bell

Ninjask - Physical Baton Passer
Speed Boost
Scope Lens
Baton Pass
Swords Dance
Leech Life

Claydol - Physical Attacker/Tank
Cosmic Power
Ancient Power
Hyper Beam

Thank you to those who respond.


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I'd suggest a few things. I do know that this is a level 50 team, and it would be difficult to make a few changes, so these are only suggestions.

-Icy Wind is a bit redundant on Glalie, since he already has ICe beam. Explosion would be a good alternative for when he's low on health. Hidden power can cover a few of his weaknesses.

-With Lanturn, I'd go with surf for dependability over brute force. Thunderbolt is a good TM for him to make him a bit stronger, and thunder wave can cripple the enemy.

-I'd advise against teaching Chimecho Double Edge, it has terrible attack. Since it looks like you have it for support, why not give it reflect and/or light screen for defense?

-Silver wind can be a bit more powerful than leech life for Ninjask. If you're lucky, you could even get a strong hidden power bug.

-If you want, you could give him earthquake so he can have a STAB move. I assume this is in-game, so hyper beam shouldn't be too big an issue. It however would not be good in competitive play.

Thanks, DarkTyphlosion

A few questions though:

How do you get certain Hidden Power's? You said something about Hidden Power Bug. How do you get a specific type of Hidden Power?

How do you get Explosion onto Glalie?

Do you think I should keep Hail on Glalie? I recognize that weather effects can mess up Thunder and that Hail hits no matter what the enemy evasion stat is, but is the 1/16th health infliction even worth it?

What is the best moveset for Chimecho?
I have long considered the Light Screen/Reflect option, or giving it something like Thunder Wave. What is the best moveset (including Heal Bell, of course)

I am not planning on re-breeding my Ninjask for Silver Wind. What is a better move than Leech Life and that I can simply teach to him?

I have already used my Earthquake TM on a Lv. 100 Flygon and I used my Dig TM on a Poochyena to open the Regi's. I agree with you that Hyper Beam is not a good move when in a serious battle, so what other move options do I have? (I'd prefer Attack moves so my Swords Dance passing Ninjask can power the move up)

Thank you so much for responding, I anticipate more advice.