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I've gone through all the already answered questions about the Mirage spot legendaries and none of them answer this question. I have already gotten 4 of the 6 legendaries caught at Nameless cave and Pathless plain. Why have they stopped appearing? I haVe done nothing different yet they have stopped.
Update. 24 hours later still the 3rd legend in each trio won't spawn.

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There's 3 in each for those two places different places (Nameless Cavern and Pathless Plain).. so if you've already caught three in one place, no more will show up.

Otherwise the next one should appear twelve hours after the capture/defeat of the last one.

(side-note: It seemed to take a little bit longer for the last legendary of each trio to spawn, but it might've just been me. If it takes longer for you, just wait 24 hours, they should definitely be there by then.)

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I have caught 2 at each location. I waited 12 hours between the first ones and now the 3rd ones are not showing up
Really? It was like that for me too for the last ones, though I thought I'd just forgotten what time I'd caught the last ones. when i woke up the next morning and started playing, though, they were there, so I suggest you just keep waiting and checking back periodically
Just throwing an idea out there but these pokemon may be game-specific.... Like how Thundurus was only catchable in one game and Tornadus in another
The legendaries are said to be non exclusive. Has anyone gotten all 6 in one version?
They are not version exclusive, i have them all