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So for purely cosmetic purposes, I want to be able to add sprites to my RMT questions and answers. However, I kind of lose consistency when I have to put, say, a Mega Glalie sprite in but can't, because they don't exist, so I end up having to put a regular Glalie in. I was hoping that someone could provide links for Mega Pokémon sprites. To be exact, I'm looking for:

Thank you! If there are any points that need clarification, just tell me in the comments and I'll try to fix them.


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All right:
pldh has pretty much everything, except for the new animated mega sprites - no one has gotten those from the games yet.

To add images to your code, click the picture in the markdown toolbar to pull up a window. Paste the link to the image (make sure its the actual image, not the page with the image), then it should appear in your answer.

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To add on to ∞Skynet∞'s answer, if you want animated sprites go onto Smogon's strategy Dex. Right click the image and click "inspect element." Copy that link and save the image