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I`m working on getting all the Ribbons from OR/AS that I can for my Xerneas I trade-transferred from X/Y since it has all the possible X/Y ribbons it can get.


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  • Hoenn Champion Ribbon
  • Beauty Master Ribbon
  • Cleverness Master Ribbon
  • Coolness Master Ribbon
  • Cuteness Master Ribbon
  • Toughness Master Ribbon
  • Contest Star Ribbon
  • Effort Ribbon
  • Footprint Ribbon
  • Gorgeous Ribbon
  • Royal Ribbon
  • Gorgeous Royal Ribbon
  • Alert Ribbon
  • Shock Ribbon
  • Downcast Ribbon
  • Carelesss Ribbon
  • Relax Ribbon
  • Snooze Ribbon
  • Smile Ribbon
  • Training Ribbon

For more details on methods to obtain them, look here.

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