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Is it possible to have Groudon or Kyogre Primal Revert or have Rayquaza Mega Evolve when the audience is maxed out during a contest?

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Very interesting. I'm looking forward to an answer to this question
I know for sure that if you are the one to hit the fifth star at the 'moves part' they will undergo a primal reversion or mega evolution.

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I actually tried it for myself. Turns out Rayquaza Mega Evolves when the audience gets maxed out, performs, then stays Mega for the rest of the contest like any other Mega Evolving Pokemon in the contest. While Groudon and Kyogre are already Primal when the contest begins, and stay Primal throughout the contest. However, they are normal whenever the screen says: "Congrats" and shows your Pokemon, if you win,

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