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Are they supposed to be scary or something?


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There is.

I believe the general logic is their stature/ size. A lot of the ones that get Pressure naturally are legendary Pokemon. As for large Pokemon, Wailord is the main one (I think anyone would feel the pressure when facing a gigantic whale...).

Another interpretation could be the intensity of the situation the Pokemon present. The non-lengendaries are Spiritomb, Weavile, Bisharp, Absol, Vespiquen, Dusknoir/ Duskclops and Aerodactly.

From their dex entries:
- Vespiquen & Bisharp are noted for leading packs and commanding their lower evolution forms
- Dusknoir/ Duskclops are linked with the spirit realm
- Weavile travel in packs to hunt
- Absol's appearance foretells danger/ disaster
- Aerodactyl is known for its viciousness
- Spiritomb was originally 108 spirits bound by a keystone as a punishment (I'd imagine the pressure is pretty intense in that keystone...)

That's the logic.

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