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Ok, the Pokemon are Durant and Mega Charizard Y in the sun. The Durant has 0 IVs in Sp.D and Hp, a Sp.D hindering nature, has had its Sp.D lowered to minimum, has been made a third type grass by Forest Curse, has had Dry Skin Skill Swapped on it, in the sun and is LV1. Charizard has a Sp.A boosting nature, 31 IVs in Sp.A, 252 EVs in Sp.A, Has had it boosted to maximum, has had Adaptability Skill Swapped onto it, using Blast Burn, scores a crit and is LV 100. How much will this do?


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1,551,240 damage (If you mean with helping hand, which I assume you do.) I really hope I did this right (which I think I did.)
Thanks (I love parentheses!)- TBE

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Thanks for the help.