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Ive looked on gts and there r none there no one seems to have 1 am I doing something wrong I really need 1 and I don't have the items to evolve porygon nor can I afford them in game


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Umm... no?

Seeing as the Porygon line is available in virtually (see what I did there?) every Pokémon game ever, there should be no shortage of Porygon-Z. However, the lack of tradeable Porygon-Z is probably due to a) the rarity of the Evolutionary items required to evolve, however they are easier to obtain in ORAS, and b) in order to get a Porygon-Z, you have to have someone to trade with who can then trade back and forth until it is fully evolved.

The answer to your question, then, is that there isn't a virus sweeping the GTS killing all the Porygon (I need to stop with the computer puns), it is simply because nobody wants to trade one after all their hard work. My advice? Search for a Porygon2 holding a Dubious Disc, that may be a little bit more common.

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I feel like it is though. I mean actually it's possibly one of the most difficult Pokemon to obtain as you need to trade it with someone else WITH an item. Getting the Up-Grade and Dubious Disc is (sorta) hard, and you need to get lots of BP for them IG, but if you have Global Link, you can just play the Balloon Pop Game, and both of the items are available there. Although its very rare to get them, especially the Dubious disc, so overall Porygon Z is more DIFFICULT than RARE to get. Be proud if you do have one as you went over one of the most difficult evolutionary line.
I think there's a shortage of steelix, no-one has one that i've seen in the times i've been on