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What location, or where to buy etc.

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The Fire Stone can be found on Route 114, Route 124, Fiery Path, by defeating the Charizard Balloon in Super Secret Training, and by receiving it from a Secret Pal.

Route 114 — There is a chance of recieving the Fire Stone as a reward for defeating Kindler Bernie in a rematch.

Route 124 — Give a Red Shard to the Treasure Hunter and he will give you a Fire Stone.

Fiery Path — The Fire Stone can be found in the area of the Fiery Path that requires Strength to access.

Super Secret Training — Get a top score in The Fire Stone Cup Begins! battle against a Charizard Balloon. Note that Super Secret Training is available only to "fully trained" Pokémon.

Secret Pal — A Secret Pal has a chance of fonding a Fire Stone if you give them the command "Pick up stones."


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Fire Stone: Route 123, Fiery Path

One of the ways is to go underwater and find colored shards. The matching shard will give you a stone of the respective color from the treasure hunter on Route 124.

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