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I picked mudkip so ive seen all his evolutions and treeckos, but how would I see torchic/evolutions?

couldnt you just  the last starter for your choice cuase if i chose treeco i would see all his line and i will see my rivals blazike line right? so u should a ready have seen all of them if you chose mudkip and evolve him

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There are 3 ways you can go about this:

1: Have Torchic traded to you locally or over Wi-Fi

2: Have Blaziken traded to you and then breed if with a ditto or another Blaziken if you're given more than one

3: See one of the Pokemon used by someone in-game

Hope I helped ;)

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Cheers, haha i forgot you could trade from x/y i have a blaziken on there
Pokedex entries don't work with Wi-Fi battles