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a 32 level Pokemon (lucario) my brother gave to his friend who had no badges put itself to sleep, lofed around, turned its head away, confused itself and lost to a lv. 14 geodude.

so what things do Pokemon do when disobeying.

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It does anything except what you want it to do

So lets say that I have a level 100 Magikarp at the first gym. It would either loaf around, put itself to sleep, disobey, hit itself or turn its head away. It disobeys because the player does not have the required badges to control it. How it disobeys, that only GF will know. But here's my theory: the Pokemon does not recognize the trainer worthy enough as it does not have enough badges to control it so it decides to not listen until the respective badge to control it is obtained.
If this doesn't help sorry!
-It's a secret!

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Note that the Pokemon has to be traded; if you raised it yourself, it'll still obey.
it can also use a different move than the one you told it to use or pretend not to notice
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There is lot of things that Pokemon do to disobey.

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