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Say I am in a double battle and I have a Storm Drain Cradily and a Tentacruel in play against a Golem and a Emboar.

I want to use Tentacruel's Surf attack but don't want my Cradily to absorb the damage that would be put out to the enemy.

Does it absorb their damage?


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Surf will hit all Pokemon.
Storm Drain only draws single target water moves to itself.

Source: http://bulbapedia.bulbagarden.net/wiki/Storm_Drain_(Ability)

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So, it would hit the opponents as well as buffing my Cradily is what you're saying?
I beleive so since it itself is still being hit by a  water move.
Wish I had one already to test it out with. I don't have a Showdown account so I can't practice it myself.
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Yes, storm drain draws in all water type attacks including those used by your Pokemon in double battles. The same is true with the ability lightning rod.