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im working on creating a mega lucario centered team in oras and I have a pyroar in my team but I need pyroars hidden ability for my team but because pyroar isnt in the game I cant use the dex nav so to find its hidden ability so is there any way to breed a pyroar to get his hidden ability or do I need to trade someone for its hidden ability

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This question has nothing to do with mega lucario

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Since Litleo / Pyroar are unavailable in ORAS, you will have to trade with someone if you wish to obtain one (e.g. XY).

In X/Y, you will only be able to get Hidden Ability Pokemon in the Friend Safari so you will need to find someone with a Litleo / Pyroar in their Safari. You can use the Trace ability (Ralts, Kirlia, Gardevoir) to shorten the amount of time needed to find a Pokemon with a Hidden Ability.

Other than the Friend Safari, you will just need to find someone with a Hidden Ability Litleo / Pyroar.

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