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I have a prankster Meowstic male with Light Screen, Reflect, and Toxic, with light clay and prankster ability. Should I run it Fake Out for a some decent damage before setting up screens, or should I have Sucker Punch?

Fake Out by far is better on here. The first turn flinch can break sashes, and sometimes net a KO on low health pokemon. In doubles it can halt the approach of an opponent for the first turn, making it even better. It even has the highest priority in attacking moves.

Sucker Punch on the other hand, only works if the other pokemon attacks. It's only motto is to be able to hit a pokemon hard before getting hit yourself, which is definitely not a good move for a pokemon with 48 base attack.

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Hmm... Let's compare.

Sucker punch hits if only your target is actually trying to put out some damage on you. Sometimes, you fail if the other Pokèmon is not attacking, like if he or she uses Recover, Lightscreen, ect. Or any non-damaging move.

Covers: Ghost, Psychic

Fake Out hits on the first turn ONLY. If you use it on any other turn other than the first, you fail to use the move. Although it makes the target flinch, a Steadfast Lucario could KO it with Dak Pulse or something...

Covers: None
I would really recommend
Sucker Punch** for your Meowstic instead!

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Come on, what can you do with 48 base attack? It's like a special Scrafty!
Also, why double screens? Try something like this:
Meowstic @ Light Clay
Nature: Bold
Ability: Prankster
EVs: 200 Hp/56 Def/252 Sp.def
-Calm Mind
-Psyshock/Signal Beam
Hope this helps!
-It's a secret!

there is nothing wrong with scrafty!
lol scrafty has some good physical set ups but ****** special stuff