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I am currently playing Pokemon crystal and I cannot find a cheat code to disable exp gain from Pokemon battles. The reason that I want to do this is that I feel like I am leveling a little too fast and would like to slow down (want some challenge in the game). I was wondering if anyone knows a cheat code (or where to find it) that can help me accomplish this. I really appreciate it!


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Well there isnt any Cheatcode that actully stop Exp but

Here are some Exp cheat code that make Exp gaining lower

Exp. Points Modifier:
Position Gold & Silver Crystal
Exp. Points Modifier (Larger) 1st 01xx32DA 91xxE7DC(this make it exp gaining greater in case you change your mind)

Exp. Points Modifier (Shorter) 01xx33DA 91xxE8DC(just a little bit smaller)
Exp. Points Modifier (Smaller) 01xx34DA 91xxE9DC(smallest amount of exp you can gain)

Take note: if your having a glitch just turn off the codes

Hope I helped!

Source: I use this codes myself

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It says that these are invalid codes, should I replace the x with something?
Oups forgot to say replace the x with the lvl of the pokemon you want it to be xD

Also these are gameshark codes.

This is where i found the code http://www.supercheats.com/gameboy/pokemon-crystal/4715/Here-are-all-GameShark-for-Pok/
Thanks! I really appreciate it :D