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Is there any indication or Easter egg of Norman (Hoenn) and his family's old house in Olivine City in any of the Johto Games? Also is there any information about Fantina in Kakos or is she probably from a different region in France?


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There is no easter egg in Johto about Norman's existence; he could have just been in one of those cities/towns that you don't visit during the game, like a lot of towns and cities shown in the anime.

This is the same for Fantina, but this is probably because in the Japanese versions (the developers' versions) Fantina sounds English instead of French:

>She is apparently not from the country the games are set in, and often peppers her speech with phrases of French (English in the Japanese and French versions).

Hope I helped. :)

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Cheers man, I do hope Gamefreak cover the lore more cause I love it