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• So, this man is in Castelia City.
Past the Central Plaza, and in the only accessible building on the left. (On the way towards the desert area)
(Also in the same building as the Name Rater)

If you take the elevator to the 11th floor, and speak to a scientist in the bottom right corner, he will say that he invented a special machine, and only people that know a certain password can use/see it. Than the word/phrase selection screen appears and needs two words/phrases.

What is this password he's talking about?
Is this a randomly generated password varying on your Trainer ID?

Also, while we're in the same building, if you talk to that clown just above him, he'll say that he will remember your name, and he'll be seeing you a lot, who is he and when do you get to see him?
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Don't know about the clown, but the scientist gives you access to the relocater. The password is the standard Mystery Gift password:

Everybody Happy Simple Connection

Thx for the Info trachy
I couldn't use the word Happy, but happiness works.
i cannot find the hole password