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Can you tell me about each function of apricorn ball and what pokeball can be made by each color?


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Black Apricon: Heavy ball (used for catching very heavy pokemon)
Red Apricorn: Level ball (good for catching pokemon with a mch lower level than your's)
Yellow Apricorn: Moon ball (good for catching pokemon that evolve with a moon stone)
Pink Apricorn: Love ball (good for catching pokemon of the opisite gender)
Green Apricorn: Friend ball (pokemon caught in it will like you faster)
Blue Apricorn: Lure Ball (good for catching pokemon that you encounter when fishing)
White Apricorn: Fast Ball (good for catching pokemon that tend to flee battle)

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OK but:
Love Ball: only if oposite gender AND same species
Friend Ball: not faster (that´s luxury ball) but 200 happiness points instead of base happiness
Fast Ball: in GSC as you said, in HGSS for pokémon with high speed