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I've been trying to see how ditto can be used differently, and I'm plainly very curious if this would happen.

Example: Ditto Holding Ampharosite transforms into ampharos. Can it mega evolve into mega ampharos?


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No if a ditto holds a mega stone and transforms into that Pokemon with the right mega stone it will not be able to mega evolve.

You can however transform into the mega Pokemon and hold any item

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No. Good question though!
The reason is that Ditto, even when transformed, keeps its species, Ditto. While it might copy form changes, stat boosts, nicknames, etc. it's still a Ditto in the end. And thus, it cannot Mega Evolve. (inb4 mega ditto is released and it's just mew)
As previously stated, though, you can come in on a Mega Pokemon and become them without having to Mega Evolve.

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Nope. This is because it is still a ditto just transformed and ditto cant mega evolve.
Ditto can transform into a mega poke if one is on the field
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